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Arise Lifestyle was created in 2017 to help women who want to improve their fitness and nutrition while finding and maintaining a healthy balance. Arise Lifestyle provides custom exercise & nutrition plans along paired with online coaching and 24/7 support.
Since 2017, I have worked with over 350 women and continue to do what I love! Every program and plan Arise Lifestyle provides is custom and designed for each individual client, their goals, their schedule and their experience level!

Arise Lifestyle is dedicated to help you achieve any goal you may have with fitness and nutrition. Not only are you provided with programming that works, you also gain the knowledge to live a healthier life that's maintainable AND enjoyable!

Live happier, live healthier & ARISE to be better!



ISSA Certified Nutritionist 

ISSA Certified Bodybuilding Specialist

ISSA Certified Glute Specialist

Pre+Post Natal Personal Training (currently enrolled)

Fitness and nutrition has always been an important part of my life. I was in competitive gymnastics as a child, and dedicated my junior high/high school years to school and club volleyball. After competitive volleyball was finished for me in 2012, I found my way into the gym.

I spent my first year in the gym with a trainer and ended up competing in 2014 placing 2nd in the bikini division. After learning, experiencing, studying nutrition and exercise, I started to fall in love with the sport of bodybuilding.

In 2016 I completed and received my ISSA Bodybuilding Specialist + ISSA Personal Training & ISSA Nutrition Specialist certificates. I now work full-time as an online coach and have worked with over 350 women on their health & fitness journeys.

When i am not in the gym or coaching, I spend my spare time outdoors, fishing, hiking, paddle boarding, and snowboarding in the beautiful Okanagan! July 21st, 2022, I  became a momma to a sweet baby boy named Jax, and I am currently studying pre & post natal training to ensure the best for my pregnant/postpartum clients!


I have also competed 4 times in the bikini division reaching provincial & pro-qualifier level. The sport of bodybuilding will always be a passion of mine, and although competing allows me to showcase my hard work, the feeling of living a healthy BALANCED active life is what I have fallen in love with in the process of it all. Training has taught me how to gain strength both physically and mentally & how to make my health a priority every single day. 


Whether your goal is to improve your nutrition, learn about nutrition, gain muscle & strength, lose weight or anything in between, Arise can help. With 8 years of bodybuilding experience and 7 years as a certified trainer, bodybuilding specialist and nutritionist, I am confident I can help you reach your goals of becoming a healthier, happier you! 


Meet Risa


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